BAAC Social Action is #DSTREaDY to Rally!

Members of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority joined in Friday’s pro-democracy rally at Main Plaza. Image courtesy of Bently Paiz.

LWVCA, Community Partners, Rally for Democracy at Main Plaza


Over 60 Comal County residents showed up at the Main Plaza in New Braunfels Friday to support the League of Women Voters of the Comal Area’s (LWVCA) rally on U.S. Constitution and Citizenship Day.

Jerrie Champlin, president of LWVCA, whose motto is “empowering voters/defending democracy,” said her group rallied on behalf of the federal legislation because it would protect and strengthen the right to vote, get big money out of politics, ensure voting-system security and end gerrymandering “so that voters are more fairly represented.”

She said members of the league’s “community partners” — Delta Sigma Theta, League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and the New Braunfels MLK Association — also gathered across from the historic Comal County courthouse in downtown New Braunfels.

A group of around eight to 10 counter-protesters standing by the Landa Building included Anita Valdez, who was photographed near the U.S. Capitol with Trump Train founders Steve and Randi Ceh on Jan. 6 before protestors stormed the capitol building.

“We had some civil conversations with a few of the counter-protesters who visited us on the plaza,” Champlin said.



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